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Items Wanted

This is the page to ask for items you don't see on the other pages.
You can ask for anything you like here as long as it is legal or in good taste.

Old or used computer components to build computers for poor school children in the Philippines.
Any and all donations will be accepted gratefully.
Here, as in most undeveloped countries, old parts are harvested and resold as "Surplus" at new or higher prices.
There is nothing thrown away here if a Peso can be made by selling it.
We can use old Pentiums, I, II, III and IV's, they are very much in demand here yet.
Also, old, useable computer programs are needed so these children can learn tha basics of computering.
Send any donations to;
Cebu Custom Computers
Ano-os Compound
Lilo-an 6002
Cebu Philippines
Fed-Ex is the safest shipper, but you can also try regular mail if you like.
Most items sent by mail are stolen and resold by the postal employees here.